Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

Names and Birthday

It is important in Ghana that you know on which day of the week you are born. Your name will be decided due to your birthday.  There are some female and some male names for each day of the week.

               female/ male
Monday: Adzo/ Kodzo
Tuesday: Abra/ Komla
Wednesday: Aku/ Kwaku
Thursday: Yawa/ Yao
Friday: Afua, Afi/ Kofi
Saturday: Ama/ Kwame
Sunday: Akosua/ Kwasi

Now, imagine every son in a family is born on the same day. They would all get the name Kofi. However, there is a solution. If you are second born add Mena to your name,  third born Mensa/ Mansa and fourth born Anani.
Today the people also have other names, but they still use them sometimes.
Do you already know how you would be called?
My local name is Akosua,  because I am a sunday born.

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