Dienstag, 4. November 2014

Hogbetsotso Festival

The Hogbetsotso Festival is an annual celebration every November by the Ewes. The word Hogbe is an Ewe word meaning the day of departure, like "Exodus", which represents their story of migration from their past domicile.  The Ewe people were coming from areas in Nigeria, Benin and Togo and settled in the Volta Region.
The last station of this big festival is Anloga,  a town near the coastal city Keta. Every first saturday in November the Chiefs, the traditional leaders of the Ewes come together. Also the President of Ghana is invited.  The people perform in their traditional clothes.  They dance the Borborbor,  a Ewe dance.  You can buy a lot of crafts and local food there.  Everbody is in a good mood and enjoys  the traditional ceremony.
Although, the ceremony is only on saturday, the people celebrate the wohle weekend. We went out friday evening.  It was great. I really enjoyed the atomsphere and the music everywhere.  The Ghanaians are very good dancers and they took my to the dancefloor to join them. And Ghanaians love drinking beer.  They have a Guinness brewery  in Kumasi and a lot of different ghanaian beers are produced in Accra. So I already tried a lot of new flavours and I really like the local beer.  We left the festival and went to the lagoon resort near Keta,  a bar and restaurant built on piles in the lagoon. There we took a little Banku as night snack and hung out with some friends. Before we had planed to stay out til one o'clock. Actually we came back to Aflao,  where I stayed for the weekend,  after four o'clock. However, we slept enough to attend the ceremony on saturday.

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