Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Akwaaba - Woé zo - Welcome

After auf long flight over the Sahara, I arrived in Accra at 19.30. (the time difference to Austria is minus two hours) I passed an Ebola screening,  the passport controll and the yellow fever controll.  I felt really welcome in Ghana. Everbody was trying to help me. They carried my bags and wanted to show me the way out of the airport. Actually it was a bit exhausting.  Soon I met William, who collected me and brought me to a hotel. We were on the streets during the rush hour. Noone of you would be able to drive there.  After more then one hour driving through Accra I arrived at the hotel. Next morning William picked me up and brought me to the bus station. Without him I would have been lost.  The bus trip was quiet comfortable. I had my own sit and within three hours,  I arrived in Anyirawase.  I selpt most of the time. Now I know I can sleep really everywhere, because the car was always jumping and the driver drove around the holes in the ground with a horrible speed.  Right driving order is here just a recommendation. Who stops first, looses!  However,  I arrived savely and Sandra,  Ilka and Chris were already awaiting me.

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