Montag, 13. Oktober 2014


The kitchen in the appartment is a special issue. In the appartment is a kitchen included,  which nobody is using. However, I was not allowed to use it. It seemed complicated to get the permission from the owner of the house, because nobody had his phone number and only the community should talk to him. I was afraid that it could take months til I can use it. However, suddenly Chris told me, that I can have it from now on. So the first problem was solved.  Then I opened the door to the kitchen and it seemed like nobody had used it since years.  So I started to clean it. I killed all the insects around. I had to cook a lot of water to wash the dishes and everything. It was a lot of work and I believe in Europe I would not use that kitchen. But here it is a really good one and soon I will try to cook some local food.

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