Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2014

Trip to Mount Adaklu

You can see Mount Adaklu from ervery place around Ho. This lonley Rock is located behind the town. There are a lot of stories about this mystical mountain.
Early in the morning my friend Coco and I took a car to Adaklu - Helekpe,  the village at the foot of the mountain. There is a hiking center,  where we had to wait for a guide. Without a guide it is not allowed to climb the mountain, because there are no signs along the footpath. The guides also take care about the path.  Our guide took slippers,  a bottle of water and a knife and we started walking up.  You sweat a lot,  because of the wet air. So you need enough to drink.  The ground was very slippery and steep, so I was happy about that I had better shoes than the guide. The view down to Ho and the green area around was great. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the forest. The plants were fascinating and I heard a lot of foreign noises.  Coco and I set up a new record.  Within one hour we reached the top. Unfortunately some clouds were around the mountain and we couldn't see as far.
Back in the village we bought a lot of water and took a taxi back to Ho.  We were satisfied and happy about the great trip!

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