Dienstag, 10. März 2015

Football in Ghana

Sometimes football seems to be the one and only sport what you can do in Ghana. Even in Kwanta we have two parks. Nearly everybody knows a little bit how to play. Let's say, I had no choice,  but try to learn it too, because I wanted to do some exercise. I joined a boys team in Ho.  About 8 to 10 weeks I trained with them. However, I am not born to be a football player. All boys in Kwanta play better than me, if they find a ball to play with. Maxi brought nice football boots. We made a competition and Philip won the shoes.  For him it was like Christmas and birthday together and even better. I also have some friends working for an NGO, called "Kickstarts Ghana". They support young Ghanaian  football players. Many of them are hopping for a chance to play in an European team. The Ghanaians also prefer watching the European leagues than their own premier league. Only at the Africa Cup they were supporting their country with passion. At the final Ghana was really unlucky. They lost the Cup to Ivory Coast. But next time they will win it!

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