Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

Keep Kwanta Clean

Waste is a big problem in Ghana.  Many people don't care a lot about it and since you can buy water in plastic bags it is worse. And there is nobody who is or feels responsible for cleaning up. Compared to the big cities Kwanta is rather clean, but I thought there can be an improvement. I remembered a project what we did when I was in primary school. Our teachers sent us out to collect the rubbish in the streets of my home town. I thought: "Now I am a teacher, so I can do the same. "
Some weeks ago I started to teach the kids about what to do with waste and how to care about their environment.  We wrote down some rules and why we should follow these rules.  Stephen and I made two big posters for the school that nobody will forget the rules.

The 15th december was the big "cleaning- up day".
I put the children into small groups and sent them out to collect all the rubbish in the village. They cleaned up and burnt the waste immetiately.  After some hours all were tried from working in the heat.  We met at the school campus and put the new big dustbin on the right place that every pupil can use it from now on.

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